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Dj Am Knew He Was In Trouble, Planned Rehab 01.Sep.2009

This story just gets sadder and sadder. This is a guy who was straight for more than ten years. The stress of having to fly to his gigs made him seek anti-anxiety meds; those same doctor-prescribed meds fueled his craving for crack. In the last few weeks his friends noticed a dramatic change in his behavior. When confronted, Adam admitted he was using again, and said he was going to check into rehab right after his Friday night Vegas show. Unfortunately, he never made his flight, and when his friends went to his apartment to check on him they found his body.

It never fails to stun me how crack does that to people, time and time again. They'll be free and clear for the longest time, and then bang! That seems to be what happened to Adam. It didn't help that he filmed a reality show about helping addicts and was immersed in that culture again. That, combined with his depression and anxiety, might have pushed him over the edge.

One thing that may not have contributed to Adam's downfall? There was no breakup, according to the girlfriend. She says they were still very much together and that she's devastated. I'm sure she is. My heart goes out to all his friends and family.