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The Lohan Chronicles: Lindsay Said To Be In Hiding At Chateau Marmont. I Hope Her Parents Don't Have Her Number. 25.Jul.2007

Tissue dolly: I'll be your friend, LindsayBut that her AA sponsors do. Poor little Linds really needs someone to help her. Reports indicate that she's already denying it was her cocaine. You know the cocaine that they found in her car, and in her pocket when she was searched at lock-up. No wonder she looks so pathetic in her mug shot - girlfriend knows she's in deep s**t.

In addition to her legal woes, it's also going to get harder for Lindsay to get work because the movie companies will be reluctant to cast her in roles without insurance - and they're not about to pay for it when she could end up (God forbid) toes up at any given time.

Lindsay needs to get out of Hollywood as fast as the courts will let her. She needs to get away from the people and environment she's been hanging out in. But what's a club hag to do? She can't come back to New York. This is where her troubles started, roughly at birth. I can't see Lindsay living on a ranch out in New Mexico or a mansion in Georgia.

More than anything else, this whole mess makes me want to say, "Way to go, Dina and Michael! What are you going to do for your daughter other than hit her up for money? Oh, wait, she's 21 now. That's right. You're not worried. You've got Ali on a fast track and Cody's right behind her."