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Sick Of Sharing Her Dunkin Donuts Coffee, Rachael Ray Finally Files For Divorce. Too Bad She Didn't Get A Prenup. 23.Sep.2007

Can you believe that Rachael Ray is worth 500 million dollars? Just the sound of her voice makes me want to stick hot pokers in my ears, and she's worth half a billion freakin' dollars? !? What's wrong with the world today?

He looks like the ballgag type, doesn't he? As successful as Rachael has become, her skill at picking a suitable mate was sorely lacking. Her friends tried to warn her of her intended spouse's sick little habits, but Rachael loved him and married him anyway without the benefit of a pre-nuptial agreement to protect her hard-earned assets. Almost immediately word got out about his love of bondage games and incessant infidelity. Being a layabout and parasite wasn't enough for this guy. He liked to be spanked and spit upon. Lovely.

Now the couple has split, or more accurately, Rachael has finally tired of her husband coming home all tacky and smelling of another woman's muffin tins. As if being the laughingstock of the New York social scene wasn't bad enough, Rachael will now suffer the indignity of having to split her fortune with a guy who surely doesn't deserve a red cent. That community property law can be a bitch sometimes. She should have just trussed him up and left him hanging in the guest room like he begged her to.