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Who Is Zac Efron Kissing? That Sure Doesn't Look Like Vanessa 29.Feb.2008

I've never seen him kiss Vanessa like thatAs a matter of fact, that doesn't look like a girl at all. It does look kind of like one of those Jonas Brothers, but I'm sure their vow of chastity covers both tops and bottoms. At least I sure hope so. That's one helluva loophole ...

Speaking of boys, girls and all things chaste, I'm sure the sentiments expressed in this feverish embrace are wholesome and of pristine virtue. It's like the pictures of Vanessa and Miley's bikini pictures. I'm sure they're just horribly misunderstood.

Just like Zac is just horribly misunderstood. When that boy comes out, it won't be with a whimper. I give it another year, tops.