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Suri Targets Jerry Seinfeld As Her Next Wealthy Recruit. Soon They Will Have L. Ron's Baby, Too 19.Jan.2008

Look at me, Jerry. LOOK AT ME!Everyone who's saying Tom Cruise is the fanatic recruiter for Scientology has it wrong. It's Suri that lures them in, fixing them with her death stare and scrambling their very thoughts. JLo was baby-starved when she met Suri. She and Marc are said to have undergone Scientologist fertility treatments and lo and behold, she's dropping a matching set.

Look at her mother (Suri's, that is). Katie is totally under Suri's power. All she can do is stare, wide-eyed, and mumble, "She's a very strong woman." It wasn't Tom who made Katie run the marathon; it was Suri. She was also the one who sent along the mysterious escort, to make sure she didn't cheat ... or stray.

A recent survey showed that Suri is one of Hollywood's most powerful babies. This could be closer to the truth than anyone realizes. As church royalty, she's got a lot of money and muscle to throw around. I think she'll make Peaches Geldof look positively mousy by the time she's a teenager.