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Prettyboring Presents A Study In Age Appropriate: Fanning V. Lohan 31.Jan.2009

These girls are about the same age - Ali is only two months older than Dakota. Looks more like ten years, but whatever. A side-by-side comparison of the two is a great illustration of the do's and don't's of bringing up your baby girl to be a star. One of these girls is on the threshold of becoming a young woman. She's smartly dressed in a tasteful little number that lets her feel grown-up but doesn't reveal too much. Her makeup is minimal and she looks like she's having the time of her life.

The other girl looks like she's trying to hail a cab home after waking up in a strange place. Again. The blank, haunted stare. The matted hair (is Mischa Barton making extensions now? ). The grown-up bust on the little girl frame. (They must have used the same doctor.) She's wearing a sourpuss. You know, like she'd rather be anywhere but there, shuffling around Times Square in a strapless gown in subzero weather. She probably had no choice; the rent is due and Lindsay made it quite clear about earning her keep.

Dakota doesn't look like she's carrying that burden. She's having fun doing something she's very good at. Unlike Ali, she showed promise at a young age, and seems to be weathering her adolescence pretty well. In another ten years Ali will probably be able to pass for Dakota's mother.