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Sir Paul Takes His Jabs At Heather In Song 11.Oct.2008

Hey, it's better than running off with her peg leg, a thought that has crossed his mind on more than one occasion. He changed his mind when he realized he'd just have to pay for a new one anyway.

But Paul's a smart guy. He's already found new love with Nancy Shevell, and he doesn't want anything to muss that up, so he decided to write some new songs. On his new album, there are some gems like, "Nothing Too Much, Just Out of Sight", he says, "You have money and no manners." Ouch! Truer words were never sung.

The old one-legged pony hasn't given up trying, though. Thinking people actually like her here (go figure), Heather moved to New York, and has started spreading her wealth to local charities, because nothing buys love like, well, money. She even received a Congressional Certificate of Merit for her donation of $1 million in healthy food to the Hunts Point Alliance. Only problem is, no one in the Bronx eats veggie burgers or tofu nuggets, but hey, she tried.