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Jaime Pressly Has Gone From Scrawny Waif To All Growed Up. She Still Scares Me. 20.Aug.2007

Skinny JaimeThere is something in Jaime Pressly's eyes, something that says that murder is not entirely out of the question. That homicidal gleam has always been there, lurking behind whatever film or commercial role she was working on. It was more noticeable when she was up-and-coming, and was probably at least partially attributable to the fact that she could only afford to eat once a week.

Tenacious girl that she is, Jaime kept working hard, and she began getting better roles. She didn't have to be almost naked anymore. She even got a regular role on that "Earl" show, and met a guy and fell in love. And now she's a mommy, and she's filled out nicely. Jaime Now

But she still has that gleam in her eye. Is it just me, or from the neck to the knees, doesn't she look just like Britney? Makes me wonder - does Jaime eat Cheetos, too? It's odd. I saw pictures of Jaime at her 30th birthday party, and she looks heavier now. Maybe she stopped breastfeeding.

Or how about this: Wouldn't it be a nice change if Jaime decided she didn't have to starve herself down to a size 0 to be sexy, that it's OK to have a little meat on your bones. Wow. That's way too deep. She just needs to watch her portion sizes.