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Just Who The Hell Does Scarlett Johansson Think She Is? 26.May.2008

The rack heard 'round the worldEver since Isaac Mizrahi groped her boobs on-air Scarlett has taken on delusions of grandeur. She and her boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds, were seen brawling in the street in Boston just last month. Alas, this month the couple announced their engagement. Insiders said Ryan was anxious to tie down the buxom blond while she was reluctant, but I doubt that. I think Princess pitched a bitch and he caved. For now.

Then along came Cannes, and Scarlett (or her reps) saw yet another golden opportunity for her to flex her newfound fame. Scheduled to appear at the festival to promote her new film, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" with co-stars Penelope Cruz and Rebecca Hall, Scarlett's over-the-top diva demands for her own hair and makeup consultant plus a hotel 30 minutes away backfired on her when the studio nixed her trip. The film received a ten-minute standing ovation and director Woody Allen was said to be mightily displeased with her absence, but her presence was not otherwise missed. Looks like Princess should be careful not to fall off that high horse of hers. There might not be a prince waiting to break her fall.