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Inside Job: Wonky's Jewel Thief Was Not A Stranger. Let's Go To The Videotape! 23.Dec.2008

Thank God they didn't take the car!His or her image was caught on surveillance - the burglar wore some kind of a mask, a hoodie and gloves. They were videoed quickly heading directly for Paris' bedroom, where she kept her $2 million in jewels. I thought rich people kept their jewels in a safe behind the painting in the study ... Anyway, it is believed that the suspect had been there before and knew where she kept her valuables.

But who in Paris' circle would be so jammed up as to steal from their friends? Could it be someone with a drug and/or gambling addiction? Perhaps someone who was once well-off but was suddenly cut off from their trust fund and forced to fend for themselves any way they could? Maybe someone who has some large debts to cover with some not-so-nice people?

I'd love to see that surveillance video. Is the perpetrator chain-smoking, sweating through layers and layers of clothing? The thief made off with her most prized pieces, including heirlooms from her grandmothers. A crackhead from the street wouldn't know one piece from another, but a fallen preppy would. Whether the cops catch him or her, I'm sure Paris was insured. Hopefully she'll learn from this, too, and be a little more careful about who she brings home.