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Oh, No. It's Worse Than We Thought. Kate Hudson Has Wormed Her Way Back Into Owen's Life 09.Feb.2009

ButtascotchRun away, Butterscotch! Be free! Don't let that bloodsucking fiend lure you into her lair again. Last time she almost killed you - allegedly. Since then she's slept with a couple hundred other ... individuals of all shapes and sizes. Now she's back, but don't be fooled. She doesn't love you; she just needs some publicity.

Yes, I know that's harsh, but drastic times call for drastic measures. Does the Wilson clan know that Thumper has sunk her claws into their boy again? I can't believe they'd just sit by quietly. They had to clean up the mess she left last time.

Who knows? Maybe Owen was just horny and hooked up for some ex sex. Unfortunately, it's the most toxic exes that make the best sex ... es. For his sake, I hope he was wearing a love glove. She'd like nothing better than to snag him with a well-placed embryo.