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Omg! You Won't Believe This! Denise Richards Unable To Keep Daughter From Smiling 23.Jun.2008

Peekaboo!!What did Denise say to get that poor kid to smile? "Look happy or I'll get more dogs. I'll fill your closet with smelly dogs!" Or how about, "We're going to fool Daddy into giving us even more money!" Denise is a busy working mommy lady raising two kids on her own. She thinks nothing of starting them early - it's never too soon to learn the value of money.

I'm not sure if that's Sam or Lola. I just hope that Denise and Charlie (and even Brooke) get to see this face more than they see the face we usually see: scowling, distrustful, afraid. The little girl in this picture is having normal fun playing in a normal park ... like a normal kid.

Sam and Lola, I hope your mother is putting a good chunk of all that money she's getting from Daddy away for your future. You need to get an education so you can get good jobs and move far, far away from Hollywood. Your parents have ruined it for you, and if you stay you'll end up like Kimbo and Sean Stewart.