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Carson Daly To Be A Daddy. Will Baby Look Like This? 27.Nov.2008

Hopefully not. Then again, let's hope the little one doesn't look like his mama - at least not in this picture. Maybe that's her expression after finding out the results of her pregnancy test.

Carson Daly, host of late night's Last Call and former love of such Hollywood legends as Tara Reid, made his announcement earlier this week, telling People he is "thrilled to be a father and they are looking forward to an extra special Thanksgiving this year with family and friends," according to his rep.

Siri is a writer's assistant on Carson's show. She's also extremely publicity shy. She's easy enough to Google, but most of the pages have been taken down. I wonder what she's got to hide. And I wonder if they started going out before or after the writer's strike, what with him being a picket line-crosser and she being an aspiring writer.