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Alli Sims Steals Britney's Clothes, Betrays Her Friendship And Thinks She Can Become A Star 30.Jul.2007

Did she even have the good sense to get that dress cleaned first? The DNA and drug residue on that thing must be stupendous. And guess what? The dress doesn't fit her any more than it fit Britney. Absolutely pathetic.

Benedict Arnold less the dic(t)

Is this bitch for real? You can see the family resemblance in her wardrobe and behavior. Like Grandma always said, "Breeding shows." But, really. It's not bad enough that she's Britney's cousin. That she was a paid employee. That Britney entrusted her with the care of her children. That Britney welcomed her into her bed - and not for bedtime stories or cookies and milk. This is how she was repaid.

Adding insult to injury, Alli is said to have gone to Kevin Federline and told him what life is really like for his sons around their mother. Do you think he had to pay her? Probably not. Her replacement, Shannon Funk, is said to be much more media savvy, and is shopping her own tell-all on life with Britney - all three weeks of it.

Go home, Alli. If we don't want to hear Britney's new songs anymore, what on earth makes you think we give a rat's ass about you? Go back to stocking shelves at the Piggly Wiggly.