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Courtney Cox Says David Is A Kook, But She Sounds Like The Flaky One 01.Nov.2010

Think of ME, Mommy!Now this is certainly peculiar. One minute Courtney's giving David the boot: He's immature, they've outgrown each other, she wants a more serious man, blah blah blah. All of a sudden she's saying that just because they've separated doesn't mean they're getting a divorce. Huh? What's with the change of heart?

Could be that maybe the grass really isn't so green on the other side of the fence. Even before they separated, rumors of Courtney's alleged affair with her Cougartown co-star abounded. That's right, I said abounded. No one knows where they ended up, just like no one knows for sure if Courtney was actually banging her co-worker. Perhaps she realized that David wasn't such a bad catch after all.

Could also be that her bestie, Jennifer Aniston, gave her a little wake-up call on the reality of single life, or maybe now that David's not around and she's spending more time with the spinster Courtney sees how empty and lonely her life is. Always branded the jilted wife, always having to pay for her escorts, having to market herself as an object of pity. I'd think being married to an immature buffoon would be a notch up from that. Courtney also has Coco to think about. Could be this was all just a mid-life crisis; hopefully she'll figure out before David goes back on Howard Stern and f**ks it all up again.