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Naked Again: Vanessa Hudgens Will Do Anything To Keep Zac Efron From Megan Fox 05.Aug.2009

VanessaWell, she does have a movie coming out. A movie in which she appears naked. The House of Mouse must be so proud of their high school whore-ical.

But we all know the real motivation for Vanessa to "leak" these pictures. She knows that trashy Megan Fox is zooming on her pretty little boy toy. She also knows if she loses him she loses her tabloid status. Nobody will care about her if she's not with Zac.

So Vanessa aired her bits again (See NSFW shots here.). Now that she's of legal age she's a little bolder, a little more ... bare. Someone should clue her in: nobody will take her seriously as an actress if she keeps doing stupid shit like this. And she's already burned her HSM bridges - if she's not careful she'll be doing the timeshare circuit by next year.