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The Lohan Chronicles: Lindsay Almost Had An Accident At Photo Shoot. 16.Aug.2007

Even Lindsay, it seems, is not immune to the Photoshop special. Although she still looks pretty wasted, they airbrushed out the bloodshot eyes and vodka bloat. And where are those big, blotchy freckles we've all come to know and love?

Look, guys, I really have to pee.Looks like Lindsay's sticking with her rehab - like she has any choice in the matter. With multiple criminal and civil lawsuits pending, a career in the toilet and Calum Best off doing God knows what off of God knows whose dirty body, she's got to be a little worried. A normal person would be scared to death, but a normal person wouldn't have gone on a rampage like that and expected to get away with it. Even when the cops approached with guns drawn, she was probably like, "Don't you know who I am? I'm Lindsay F***ing Lohan. Get the **** out of my way." I hope she pulls it together, though - and gets a new manager who can help her pick the right parts. Another bomb like "I Know Who Killed Me" and she'll be doing straight-to-video with Tara Reid and Denise Richards.