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Multiple Transgressions: Is There Anybody Out There Who Hasn't Had Sex With Tiger Woods? 02.Dec.2009

Probably haven't slept with TigerBesides me, of course. Not that he turned me down or anything. I swear I've never met, spoken to or sexted Tiger Woods. But there are apparently quite a few women out there who have done all that and more. And they're all eager to share their stories. Hey, the money's good.

In addition to Rachel, the ambitious homewrecker (who can't deny it anymore because Radar dug up the receipts that show Tiger paid for her trip to Australia), there are at least three more women Tiger was chipping in on a regular basis, one of whom says they've been involved for almost three years. She leaked a voicemail Tiger left her just days before the big Thanksgiving blowout asking her to change her greeting to just a number because his wife had gone through his phone and was making calls.

Enty over at CDAN saw this coming a long time ago. In January he posted this blind: "I'm sure the fans of this married world class golfer with the perfect image would be shocked to know he cheats on his wife on a regular basis." Still, no one wanted to believe it at first. Today Tiger finally released a statement apologizing for his "transgressions" and asking for privacy. That means this time Elin will beat him so badly he won't be able to go out for weeks.