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Is Heather Locklear Losing Her Marbles? She's Wearing Britney's Hat And Boobs 17.Mar.2008

Reminds me of someoneI always thought Heather was so sleek and trim, but those bags are headed south in a hurry. Egads, woman! Strap those things up before it's too late!

Plainly speaking, Heather has been going through some weird shit. Police and EMS raced to her house last week in response to a call, allegedly from her shrink, that she was intoxicated and suicidal. When help arrived, however, Heather appeared to be fine and bewildered as to why they were even there.

The next day the 911 tape was released, and a person claiming to be Heather's shrink said he made the call because he was scared for her safety. What kind of therapist violates his client's trust like that? It wasn't Dr. Phil, was it? Sure sounds like his dirty work.

Whatever the case, Heather made it a point to be seen in public with her latest guy, the so-hot Jack Wagner. Could they have been fighting? Is this a delayed reaction from her messy divorce? Or is this just another case of a nobody desperate for their 15 minutes? If it was a hoax, I hope she sues him within an inch of his life.