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The Lohan Chronicles: What Really Happened Over Thanksgiving Weekend; Parents Remarkably Silent 10.Dec.2007

Nope, no drug problem hereBlohan lives!! Gossipists, get ready. Lindsay's triumphant return to New York for the holiday weekend was every bit as sordid as we all hoped it would be. All that clean living and shopping just wasn't cutting it. It was time to party.

Lindsay made the classic addict's mistake of visiting her old haunts and friends. In no time she was drinking up a storm and haranguing all her friends for Xanax and blow. While most of her friends refused to "help" her score, she finally hooked up with a seedy dealer named "Chris" whom she spent several hours behind closed doors with.

When she finally emerged "out of her mind wasted", she had trouble locating Riley, but finally found him out in the woods banging some girl he'd just met. Classic grudge f**k. Classic. Lindsay was said to be screaming at him for subjecting her to such public humiliation, yet ended up leaving with him a short time later, even though neither had any business driving in that condition. It's a shame they didn't get pulled over. Lindsay sent Riley packing shortly thereafter, and within days was bumping uglies with Heath Ledger. Gotta give him credit, though - he hit and ran in fairly short order. To the doctor, I'm sure, for a complete check-up.