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Forget About Papa Joe And The Cowboy Fans: Will Tony Romo Pass The Daisy Test? 31.Jan.2008

Will balance checkbook with Milk BoneWe all know the buck (bark? ) stops with Daisy. She's the only one with any common sense in that house. If it weren't for Daisy, the lights probably would've been shut off months ago. Didn't think a dog could pay the bills and run a household? You don't know Daisy.

Daisy was originally a gift to Jessica from ex-husband Nick Lachey. She apparently is the only good thing to come out of that marriage. She tried to get them to work it out, but Jessica was convinced she had to ditch Nick because she was the bigger star. She may well be, but it's not like his career is going anywhere either - for all intents and purposes he appears to be a professional vacationer these days.

Daisy has had to deal with a lot of heartbreak since Daddy Nick left. There was that douche from Maroon 5, the Jackass boys and of course John Mayer, who Daisy tried and tried to convince not to leave. She had finally found a capable chess partner, you see. Jessica still hasn't mastered checkers and Daisy's just sick to death of Chutes and Ladders. Of course Connect Four is out of the question.