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Holy Oil Spill, Batman! Victoria's Secret Model Miranda Kerr Dumped Orlando Bloom For Greasy? 16.Jul.2008

Greasy Bear Leaving Butter: Taking it with himIs this some kind of joke? Maybe she was all dried out from all those photo shoots on the beach and needed an emergency moisturization.

It can't be for the money. Everyone knows Greasy has been cut off from the Davis millions. When he's not trying to write bad checks or hock his friend's jewelry he's dropping his bar tab on the closest dumb bitch. (Hello, Mischa!) So what exactly is it that makes women want to be with such a sweaty pig?

Ask Britney. Or Mischa. Or even Paris, who claims to have never slept with him, but that's malarkey. We all know Paris has slept with every sleazy dude on the West Coast, if not the entire Western Hemisphere. Well, excepting Cristian Ronaldo, who allegedly turned her down flat recently. (Did you hear that, Benji? Joel and Nicole were right!)

Whatever her reason, Miranda was spotted getting hot and heavy with Brandon at NYC's 1Oak a few nights ago. Her reps still deny a split, but she isn't letting any moss grow under her feet. Orlando's crazy if he takes her back now.