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Make Room For Her Madgesty: Kate Hudson Runs From Granny Gristle Beatdown 01.Jun.2009

Will beat you DOWN.Now that she's caring for A-Rod's bat and balls Kate Hudson has been spending a lot more time on the right coast. I guess she left her son with Grandma Goldie; we haven't seen that hairy kid in a while. She still doesn't have the guts to take it public, but she's getting closer.

This weekend she went to a polo match on Governors Island and thought she could keep a low profile by wearing a big floppy hat. Too bad she also wore her signature bare to the navel neckline; it probably took the paps about five seconds to spot her shiny little boy chest. She sat in the VIP section for the first half and pretended to understand what was going on, but when she heard Madge was due to arrive any second, she disappeared into the nobody seats.

What was she so scared of? She wasn't involved with A-Rod until after they broke up ... right? Hmm, maybe not. I do recall hearing about Kate being present for the Fontainebleau opening early this year and flirting up a storm with the little 'roid popper. Perhaps Kate took it for a little test drive? If she did she better run and keep running. Madge would snap her in half like a pretzel stick.