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Britney Spotted Strolling Topless On Malibu Beach 04.Mar.2008

Ooh, baby, babyAll right, maybe it's not Britney. It's really Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis, he of the recent cocaine bust. But you can see where it's easy to mistake one for the other, especially from far away. Britney has been keeping her saggy old dirtypillows under wraps lately, but that's only because her father's been around, and that's the kind of close bond that only the Simpson sisters share with their father. Now that she's allegedly broken things off with Adnan and his chin stripe of love she can concentrate on the important things, like repairing her relationship with her sons ... and perhaps germinate a new one. She does look kind of pregnant in this shot. Scaaary. Ooh, baby, baby?