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The Ama After-party Was So Bad It Made Rihanna's Boobs Fall Out Of Her Dress 20.Nov.2007

K-Mart dress with peekaboo panelsWell, actually, they were falling out when she got there. I think she made them like that. According to Ent's red carpet spy at Crazy Days and Nights, "Anyone within 10 feet of Rihanna could see everything she has out in the open. She may want to think about a lift in the future." Ouch! The same deliciously evil secret informer (this must be one of those inside sources!!) said that Ashley Tinsdale has a promising future as a (h)ooker in five years. She looks like one now, but she'll be charging someone for it in about 5 years." I could see that.

It gets better. This morning's Page Six has the tale of the after-party, usually the place to see and be seen with all the winners. Not this time. The Post had their own inside source, an alleged industry insider with "industry experience", who said the after-party was an absolute disaster, with a "door beast" who didn't know anyone and refused entry to legitimate guests like Chris Brown and

For those who were "lucky" enough to make it inside there was just Daughtry. Just standing there. Not knowing what to do. Wishing that little redhead with the freckles was around to make an ass of himself so everyone would stop staring at him.