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Woot! Woot! Phil Spector Gets 19 Years For Murder Of Lana Clarkson, Justice Finally Served 31.May.2009

This is the face of doucheIt's so good to see Spector finally taking it in the teeth. After all, that's what he did to Lana Clarkson and at least three other women over the years. He probably still can't believe they got him, but got him they did. Justice was delayed, but at least it was finally served.

Phil Spector was a giant of the music industry, the creator of the Motown wall of sound. The fact that he made good music, however, did not put him above the law, at least not the way it used to back in the days when the studios and record companies controlled everything and the famous had people on staff to take care of unfortunate situations like these. God knows how many women Phil Spector really beat or abused; I'm sure he used his fame and influence to silence many other victims.

Phil's days of being a big dick in a little suit are behind him now. He's 69 years old now, which means he'll be pushing 80 by the time he gets out. His much-younger wife will probably have left him, taking advantage of his incarceration to really clean him out. Hopefully he'll end up in some bottom-drawer old folks home where the nurses can throw him around and leave him in a dirty diaper for days on end. And even that would be too nice for the likes of him.