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Big Thumbs Down, (way Down), To The Newest Version Of At The Movies! 11.Sep.2008

Disney pulled a fast one, quietly switching up movie review hosts with these lame guys:

"It doesn't really work," Entertainment Weekly's John Young observed on

Certainly, those who loved the interplay of Ebert and the late Gene Siskel, or Roeper and the Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips, were apt to be disappointed by the level of the discussion. The new balcony-less set was brighter than the reviews. Sample exchange:

Lyons: "Name me a bad Don Cheadle movie. Quick."

Mankiewicz: "That is tough. 'Ocean's 12.' "

Lyons: "The 'Ocean's' movies don't count!"

As the Chicago Tribune points out -- 'If the notion of adding the voices of other critics was to make up for the lack of insight offered from the main hosts, having a critic who recommended a film despite an admission, "I didn't know who these people were or where they were," didn't do it.

'Sounds kinda-Sarah-Palin-ish to us.

Via: Chicago Tribune