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A Hills Movie? Is This Even Fundamentally Possible? Would It Count As A Documentary? 28.Mar.2008

The HillsNow I love The Hills as much as the next idiot because I like to sit there and just laugh at how different my life is from theirs (and I like to ponder how anyone could be attracted to Heidi or Spencer) but the thing is 30 minutes is about all I really need to see (except of course when there is a marathon. That is totally different because marathons are meant to be addictive and prevent you from going outside on a Saturday.) However, the new rumor is is that The Hills is going to be a movie. Yes, the show that is responsible for launching the career of Spencer Pratt is going to be a feature-length film. Now I am not sure if it would just be one really long episode or maybe it would be a film based on the people in The Hills so actors would be in it. I mean I know Lauren Conrad insists it is reality but I am not buying it. Though it was pretty sad when she burned her couture dress but that was totally just the universe punishing her for hemming a Givenchy couture dress! Lauren you may want to take a few tips from he who has the hard to pronounce name. Your fashion line was one step above T.J. Maxx. Imagine those pensive (but actually they come off as really empty) and wide-eyed stares spread out over three hours. Ugh.