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Steve Carell Rescues Anne Hathaway. Plus, She Should Break-up With Delusional Italian Real-estate Agents More. She Looks Good! 08.Jul.2008

Anne and SteveAs we all know, it has been a very tough week for Anne Hathaway. It turns out her beautiful boyfriend was a crazy, philandering liar who is now in jail. His charity that he ran (which she served on the board of) was apparently stealing money which makes her not look like the smart chic she is always trying to convince us she is. Luckily, she has had the distraction of promoting her film "Get Smart" all over the world (it is no Devil Wears Prada but it is quite funny) and has been accompanied by funnyman Steve Carell. I think if I had just had a bad break-up I too would want Steve Carell around. Though reporters were told personal questions were off-limits at the Italian premiere of the film one ballsy reporter still decided it was appropriate to ask if the break-up was painful. Don't they know the answer? Anyway, Steve told the reporter he was acting as Anne's agent and she did not have to answer but I am sure he did it funnier than that because he is Steve Carell.Anne all in white