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Meet The Other Kristin Davis: Spitzer's Other Call Girl Looks More Like A Top Than A Bottom 27.Mar.2008

Hello, sailorHow is Governor Paterson going to top this one? !?

I mean, really. If that isn't a tranny ... look at those broad shoulders, the way the chin is down to hide the adam's apple, the big, strong hands. That's not a cheeky little cokeslut from New Jersey. That's more like an Anna Nicole impersonator from Christopher Street. I wonder if Eliot remembered to glove his love with this delicate little flower.

Before he became Client-9 Spitzer enjoyed the services of Wicked Models, a high-priced call girl ring based in Manhattan. In fact, Miss Kristin, the alleged madam, is said to have "personally interfaced with Spitzer a number of times" since 2003, before she became a madam. Kristin and her representative both deny this, but law enforcements sources say they have the evidence to prove it.

Amazingly, Kristin was born in a trailer park and rose through the ranks of skanky whores to become a millionaire, allegedly earning more than $2 million last year. She was said to be shopping a book deal recently, but had been tipped off about the impending bust and was in the process of packing up and transferring funds when she was arrested. She's presently being held on $2 million bail, ironically enough, and is said to have a 10,000-name little black book with a lot of prominent names. I guess call girl is the new black this year.