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Lost Makes Me Feel Bipolar 23.May.2007

Kate and JackIF YOU HAVEN? T WATCHED THE SEASON FINALE TO LOST THEN DON? T READ THIS BUT IF YOU WERE A TRUE OBSESSIVE FAN THEN YOU DID WATCH IT SO WE SHOULD BE OKAY. The writers managed to do it. They figured out how to keep us on our toes for potentially the next three years. They have gotten off the island. Apparently. So now they will do backstories from the future. I mean that is simply brilliant. I really was getting sick of the show in the fall and figured the writers really had no idea what they were doing but I think they are starting to get the groove of the first season back.They will explain to us why Jack looks like a shepard now (OMG his name is Jack Shephard. Coincidence? I think not) and is an alcoholic. And who was in the coffin? ! Good job Lost writers!! I love you Lost writers! However I was just informed by my friend Doug that the show will not be returning until January so now I am very angry with the writers. I hate you Lost writers! Okay, I don? t hate you but don? t count on me buying this season on DVD. That? ll show them.