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Life Unexpected Gets Cancelled 06.Nov.2010

Life Unexpected castOh boo. The struggling CW series was finally given the boot by the CW11 after surprisingly being renewed for a second season. The show had an adorable cast but it just couldn't ever seem to find its direction. Basically marrying Ryan and Cate was a terrible move because two minutes into it they had them lying to eachother and they both pretty much admitted they had feelings for other people on the day they got married. Not a sturdy foundation. And then there was Luxe who we were like supposed to feel sorry for because she had moved around from foster home to foster home and you know never got a Christmas present. But then you got two clueless parents who pretty much allowed you to sleep with some guy named Bug, cheat in school and drink in an attempt to win your love. And now you are having an affair with your teacher. Smart. Baze was cute in all but he is obviously having a relationship with a woman who definitely slept with his father. Since the show only has a few more episodes he will probably find that out next episode. They tried to bring on some new fresh faces to liven things up but believe it or not Shaun Sipos, the dude from Melrose Place, and Arielle Kebel (who seems to have a contract with the CW to appear on every show) couldn't save it. The show even tried pulling out the big guns with musical guest stars (I just don't think Ben Lee has that much pull) and cross-overs with the cast of One Tree Hill (that show is an unstoppable force. It just like cannot be cancelled ever).