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The Title Is Terrible But From Prada To Nada Looks Slightly Cute!! 11.Oct.2010

Camilla Belle and Alexa Vega in From Prada to NadaWell you have to give them credit for not remaking Pride & Prejudice for the 18th time. It is my favorite story but I think we have beat it to a pulp with the mini-series and the Keira Knightley version and the Bollywood version and Bridget Jones. The story that hasn't been retold 80 times however is Sense & Sensibility (except for the Oscar-winning version of the film starring Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet). It is slightly harder to tell as a modern story because though it is about love it is also about how women had to depend completely on marrying well if they lost all of their money which luckily now isn't the case but is a rather a choice. However, in the film From Prada To Nada two rich girls apparently didn't get the whole we can use our education to get jobs. Instead they just focus on adjusting to shopping less, learning Spanish and still finding guys. The film stars Alexa Vega who I thought was 16 but is actually 22 which is good because she just married a 30-something dude and it makes the fact that Wilmer Valderama who may be 35 her love interest in the film. Camilla Belle plays her more sensible, less-shallow sister (because she wears glasses and reads so obviously) who falls for Nicholas D'Agosto my favorite cutie from the totally under-rated Fired Up. Actually it really wasn't underrated at all but rather just slightly better than the fifth Bring It On sequel. Though I don't much about Alexa Vega she doesn't seem sortuv goofingly charming. Unfortunately I cannot say the same of Camilla Belle. Though she is drop-dead gorgeous acting isn't exactly her strong suit which I learned the hard way during a forced viewing of When A Stranger Calls. She was good in 10,000 BC because all she had to do was grunt and stare and she managed to look attractive in dreadlocks which is tough.