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Where Has All The Good Porn Gone? Tila Tequila Ruins Sex Tape Industry For Everyone 29.Sep.2010

BlecchTalk about market saturation. If there were actually a market for things Tila (read: flaky slag) then I'd say the end of the world was upon us. This vapid little famewhore has done anything and everything for publicity - nobody wants to pay for that shit. This smells like the second-rate spin of a third-rate publicist. Or perhaps the little famewhore herself.

Anyway, TMZ is vaguely, halfheartedly reporting that there is a bidding war over two Tila sex tapes - one hetero, one sapphic - between two companies. Are you kidding me? She's been putting all kinds of homemade sleaze on the web for free. And nobody cares. The only fans she has are the ones in her feeble imagination. Remember her disastrous outing at Jugaloes? She got pelted with rocks, bottles and human shit after she took off her shirt. Girl, please. Nobody wants to see your fake plastic boobies.

And nobody wants to watch nasty Tila having sex, whether it's with a man, another woman, or a friend of the four-legged variety (you know if she hasn't done it yet she's at least thought of it). Nobody wants to lay down their hard-earned cash for that, and no big porn companies are duking it out for the rights to distribute the fetid footage, should it even exist. If anything, they might be fighting to keep it from seeing the light of day. It could ruin the entire industry.