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James Bond Vs. Mad Max? Felonious Assault Vs. Fraud & Extortion? Mel & Oksana May Both End Up In Jail 17.Jul.2010

No worries, mate. They took all my guns away, tooI say James Bond because Oksana has a 12-year-old son by Timothy Dalton. People says Oksana has been leaning on him for support during this difficult time. A difficult time she may have only made worse listening to the wrong people.

Mel and Oksana had reportedly already agreed to split and had even worked out a settlement described by mysterious insiders as "superb and mutually beneficial". Oksana even signed a "private contract" guaranteeing Mel that his psycho rants would never become public.

And now all bets are off. Despite the gag orders, first the audio tapes were released, and then an odd picture of Oksana's alleged dental injuries was released. It just looks off, Photoshopped - the mouth is the wrong shape, the colors are off - even the dentist who fixed her veneers said the picture appeared to be doctored.

Which brings me to my final point: There is no doubt here that Mel Gibson is a crazy, racist, abusive drunktard piece of shit, but what about Oksana? This woman is no saint. She pursued a married man, helped trash his marriage, and then got nasty when he decided he wanted out. The injuries to her teeth reportedly look self-inflicted ... and I wonder how much Radar paid her? That's obviously what she's all about.