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Taylor Lautner Does Rolling Stone In Wet T-shirt 24.Nov.2009

Taylor on RSIf you actually just look at these pictures you really don? t need to see New Moon because this was pretty much the theme of the movie. Taylor? s abs and then some moody looks from Bella along with some blood and wolves was really what it was about. No, actually the movie was quite good and it was great to see Taylor step up from his small part in the first film and really embrace his hotness. But my God, that kid must have done 1000 crunches day. His back had abs!! He made the gorgeous Robert Pattinson look like an old woman. And even though he had his shirt off for most of the film and had to prance around in blue jean cut-offs I still thought his performance was pretty serious (well as serious as one can be in jean cut-offs.) But anyway, this is probably the last of Taylor? s covers since he has been shirtless on like every cover of a magazine. There is nothing left except for like Seventeen. It was also nice to see Kristen Stewart looking gorgeous after we have seen her walking around with that damn mullet for the past 3 months. Jacob and BellaTaylor Lautner