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Slutty Tila Tequila Takes Her Life Into Her Hands Flirting With Nicole Richie's Babydaddy 07.Mar.2009

I will bury you, bitchSomeone needs to check this trashy little broad. She's certainly a social climber, but she needs to watch her ass. Even the ballsiest club hos know to stay away from Nicole's man.

Tila, however, is obviously not so bright, not that that should surprise anyone. On the very day that Nicole and Joel announced that they were expecting another baby this dimwit thought she should make a play for him. The minute Nicole's back was turned at a party, Tila was all over Joel like a bad rug. Nicole turned around and dragged her man to safety, but the minute she turned her head the trollop was up to it again.

That was it. Nicole has never been a shrinking violet, and she's never let a skank try to take what's hers. "BACK OFF AND GET OUT OF HERE!" Nicole screamed, and after a moment's hesitation she slunk off into the night. She can forget about going to any other events Harlow's parents are expected to attend - unless it's to wait tables or pass out hand towels in the loo.