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Rumer Willis Knows She's A Potato Head, Still Makes More Money Than You 14.Jul.2008

Pride of IdahoYeah, she knows what she looks like. And you know what? It hasn't slowed her down at all. She's A-list all the way, thanks to her pedigree.

Hasn't hurt her love life either. Rumer has been linked to Mr. Ashlee Simpson himself, Pete Wentz (more than a year ago). She's also allegedly had some of ScarJo's scruffy cast-off, Josh Hartnett, as well as Orlando Bloom and even Shia LaBoeuf. Girlfriend gets around.

Rumer could care less that's she's not considered a classic beauty. She's learned to love her 20-lb. jaw, and who are we to argue? It's better than watching her go under the knife to become the latest sideshow freak. Just goes to show what good parents and a solid upbringing can do for a girl.