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Amy Winehouse Presents High Octane Cotton Candy, Now With Twice The Dementia And Dental Decay 14.Oct.2008

Candygram!I thought Amy was supposed to be on 24-hour suicide watch. I guess her friends got bored watching her twitch out so they taught her a nifty new trick. For her it's the best of both worlds: she can satisfy her sweet tooth and stay deliriously high, all day long, day after day after day.

When I first read the article in The Daily Mail I had no idea what they were talking about. Candy floss? What the f*** is that? Well, to we Yanks it's cotton candy. Notorious sweet tooth Amy loves her sugared treats so much she bought a cotton candy machine, like the ones they have at carnivals, so any time she had a hankering for pure sugar she could whip up a batch. It was her buddy, Mick, who had the idea to throw in a little blow, and eureka! Amy can now kill two birds with one stone - her brains and her teeth - while she still has any of either left. I just hope she doesn't start handing that out to the kids in the neighborhood like the ice pops.