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Church Of Xenu Lets Jeff Conaway Emerge Into Sunlight Again; Barley Milk Does A Junkie Good 09.Jun.2008

This is what hanging with Travolta will do to a manWow. Dude is the picture of good health. Positively vibrant. Umm, why is he all hunched over like that? Does he have to pee?

Jeff Conaway has allegedly been in the care of John Travolta and his Xenu healers for months now. Unlike his stint on Celebrity Rehab, Jeff's battle with the abuse of any substance he can get his hands on (read: vampire girlfriend will smuggle in to him) has been taken out of the public eye. It's just as well. I detest reality TV, but tuned in to a few clips because I was a huge Conaway fan growing up. What I saw made my skin curl. So sad to see such a successful career end up in such a pathetic way.

But have Travolta, Cruise and the Barley Brigade been able to cure Jeff of his demons? It's hard to say ... because they don't let him say. They take care of him, and allegedly treat him and it doesn't cost him a thing ... as long as he keeps his mouth shut. Maybe he's found a way to freebase barley and vitamins.