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Is Oprah Trading Gayle In Or Did The Scientologists Make Her Give Up The Love Muffin? 25.Mar.2008

Not gay!!At first I thought that Oprah was just throwing Gayle a nice bone for all her years of whatever it is that Gayle does for Oprah (that apparently Stedman didn't or couldn't), a kind of penthouse passion palace. But why in New York and not Chicago, her home base?

Oprah's been making a lot of changes in both her personal and professional lives lately, and one has to wonder what the motivation is. Has she been brainwashed, I mean, recruited, by the Church of Xenu? She's been inching closer and closer to becoming the kind of backdoor member that Will Smith has allegedly been for years. She recently signed a development deal with Kirstie Alley, and with Gayle out of the way, there's nothing standing in the way of Oprah eclipsing Nancy Cartwright as the church's biggest donor. I wonder what kind of perks recruiters get for landing such a big fish.

Oprah, for all her wealth and influence, is in reality a sucker for a hard luck story. If her recruiters pitch it to her just right, she'd probably sign her entire estate over to the church. I wonder if a $7 million "sky palace" is enough to keep Gayle away.