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Britney And A Friend Have A Super Halloween. Better Supersize That Goody Bag. 31.Oct.2007

It's a blob, it's a pastry, it's ...Do you think she airbrushed her abs this time? So svelte - she must really be working out.

Gotta hand it to the stubby little chumpot - labeled a loser mom because of her "frequent and habitual" drug use, belittled and betrayed by everyone who's worked for her in the last few years, hammered mercilessly in the court system by her ex - and she's still got a monster hit record on her hands. Britney's Blackout will most likely debut at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. Her label has given up any hope of traditional market support for her release. She doesn't show up for her photo shoots, she has no intention of touring and her "antics" are all over the tabloids every week. Her personal worth is said to be approaching $100 million; why should she care? All she wants to do is drive around from Starbucks to Starbucks all day and then party all night. Oh, yeah, and visit with her kids every once in a while. She will never learn, she will never change ... and she will never care. By the way, what ever happened to Brooklyn, her cute little puppy? I hope he didn't fall into the pool.