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Arrogant Little Slug Justin Timberlake Leaves Slime Trail Across Australia 30.Oct.2007

Is a d**k in a boxThis little man gets pissier each day that goes by. Doesn't his mommy tell him that his face will get stuck like that when she tucks him in at night? She makes sure the nightlight is on and even checks under the bed for him. You'd think he'd be a little happier.

But no, Justin has continued his world tour of douchebaggery this week in Australia. He's been downright nasty to fans and paparazzi alike, even going so far as to tell a photographer, "I can't believe they let you breed." Spoken like a true eunich.

When little JT got hungwy, his mommy took him to a restaurant, where his meal was comped on account of his astounding fame. Justin returned the favor by not even leaving a tip, speaking a kind word or giving an autograph to the fans who waited outside while he picked at his meatloaf and hid his broccoli in his napkin.

Someone must have pointed out that he was leaving a bad impression, so Justin pulled out his checkbook, making a $100,000 donation to a wildlife fund in Steve Irwin's name. Bindi should have thrown a cane toad at him.