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K-fed Shows His True Colors, Siccing First Aspca, Then Child Protective Services On Britney. Will She Crack? 27.Aug.2007

For those of you yet unclear, this is what a Federline looks like.Rhymes with stickfed Does no one else see what's going on here? Britney needs to get herself another publicist or a manager with the balls to speak up. Someone needs to speak up before it's too late. Britney's in a world of trouble, and it doesn't look to be over any time soon.

First Kevin (or someone in Camp Federline) placed an anonymous call to the ASPCA because little Brooklyn's leg broke. It's hard not to paint that as negligent, but tiny dogs and burly toddlers don't mix well. Things like that happen, especially if you're not keeping an eye on things. When the ASPCA's investigation didn't provide the results they wanted, they ratcheted up the pressure a bit, calling Child Protective Services, which resulted in an emergency meeting today in Family Court. The latest, shocking allegations are that Britney has been giving her sons alcohol to put them to sleep. You know, because after filling them with soda all day, they need some help coming down.

I just don't know. As nutty-buddy as Britney has gotten, I don't think she's that bad of a mother. Scatterbrained? Yes. Allergic to dirty diapers? Maybe. But feeding alcohol to children would mean she's willfully, malicious abusive - and that's not Britney. She may be stupid enough to drive with them on her lap, and to smoke while only inches away, but that's only country ignorance. Kevin and his attorney should be ashamed of themselves. It's amazing what some folks will do to avoid an honest day's work.