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Hilary Gets Abs 28.Jun.2007

HilaryHilary Duff has definitely been working out. It has kinduv been a crazy few yearsbody wise for Hil. After criticizing actresses like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole for getting all coke skinny but then a few months later she herself had protruding collar bones, no chest and twig arms (she also had those weird veneers implanted making her face look weirdly skinny too). She said it was because she was growing up and that is what happens when you grow up (this is ironically what Lindsay said too after her weight loss. Apparently they went to the same doctor that said it wasn't the lack of food). But then thanks to big sis Haylie Hilary realized she was getting a little scary looking. Recently, probably after the break-up, it looked like Hilary was returning to her normal self again but this photoshoot for Shape Magazine shows she has definitely been Pilateriffic.