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Christopher Moore Says Reality Gets "pretty Boring." 31.May.2007

Okay, so who the hell is Christopher Moore anyway? Author Other than being a bestselling comedy author...I just discovered him by accident recently and I'm listening to his newest book "You Suck" in a audible version ( on my iPod (hey, I'm too busy to sit down and read a whole book).

You Suck

In a recent interview he was asked about "recurring themes" (or why each of his books have elements of the supernatural in them) -- other than the fact that "You Suck" is just bloody funny (bad pun, I know)...

Moore said: "Probably a short attention span. Reality gets pretty boring. I've tried to write stories without a supernatural element, but not far in I'm usually saying, "This guy is a dick, I need to feed him to a monster." -- If you like Vampires, quirky characters, and witty writing...munch on "You Suck."