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Taking A Page From The Lohan Playbook, Billy Ray And Tish Cyrus To Battle Over Miley's Money. Folks Need To Get A Job 03.Nov.2010

Strictly professional in appearance and demeanorYeah, it's the same ol', same ol', two fame-whoring parents who didn't have the chops to make it big luck out when one of their offspring does. They live so high off the hog they forget they didn't make the bacon. My grandmother always said, "Breeding shows", and she's right: You can take the trash out of the trailer but it's still the same old garbage.

Tish Cyrus definitely seems to fit that bill. This picture of her with Bret Michaels, in her clingy t-shirt and skinny jeans, complete with sexy belly tattoo peeking out, is so cheatin' trailer trash it's amazing. It's even more remarkable that Billy Ray took this long to wise up. That's a woman who's getting her needs MET. Hell, she's still got that rosy afterglow. And who knows? She might not be the only one playin' around; she is, however, the only one who got caught.

So now, after 17 years, Billy Ray has filed for divorce, seeking to continue as partner in all things Miley. They want an equitable distribution of an alleged $150 million estate. Really? Is that how much Billy's Achey Breaky Heart made? Or Tish's "production deals" - what, does she think she's Southern-fried Cirque du Soleil? No and no. That's the Miley money they're fighting over, and that doesn't belong to them. They didn't earn it, she did, and it should be put in trust for her so she'll have something left when she's older. It's no wonder she's been acting out lately. I'd say her role models have let her down.