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Joe Jackson Desperate For Hooch Money, Makes Katherine Work With Naked Women Wrestlers 21.Jun.2010

If I give you money, will you go away? Actually, he's got her teaming up with a dude named Howard Mann, who's head of the naked women's wrestling league. I didn't know there even was such a thing, but don't worry - Katherine isn't getting into the squared circle anytime soon. Mr. Mann is helping Katherine release a coffee table book about Michael called "Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives".

Katherine didn't agree to do this book because she needs money. She gets an allowance from Michael's estate that helps her cover expenses and care for his three kids, and she probably has more money than she can spend. Her piece of shit estranged husband, however, is busted-ass broke and shaking her down. Hard. Joe Jackson has always been about lining his own pockets - he drove his children relentlessly so he could become wealthy. He's been trying to finagle a monthly allowance or settlement through the courts from his superstar son's estate, but everyone knows that Michael deliberately left Joe out of his will, and for good reason. He tormented Michael more than any of his siblings, scarring him for life and leaving him totally unable to take care of himself or have normal relationships.

Katherine is said to be doing an admirable job of taking care of Michael's kids. She's slowly assimilating them into normal life, and has even enrolled them in school, giving them a fighting chance to put the whole sideshow behind them. She's always been a pushover when it comes to Joe, however. I really hope she sticks to her guns and keeps him the f**k away from them. He's done enough damage to the clan.