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Larry Birkhead Seeks Injunction Against Debra Opri, Entertains New Girlfriend At Anna Nicole's La House 20.Jun.2007

Dopri initially gave her ? services? for FREE...I hope the Judge can read the false charges on her bill! Larry is caught between a rock and a hard place...allow photos of Dannielynn and be told by the media that he is exploiting her...or go into a retreat? I predict that the Marshall "Millions" law suit will FAIL...this would be good because then all the scum-bag hangers on would not receive money! HK$, VIRGIE and their lawyers should scurry away....these people are not going to have any money to pay you with! My stillborn grandson Jake was born when Dannielynn was....I am lets support Larry whilst he raises his daughter in the most loving way that I know he will....enuf of the "gutter-sniping".I look forward to coverage of trials of those who prescribed/purchased and supplied ANS & her son with drugs....DO HAIR TESTS...this will prove beyond doubt which drugs and how long they were being ingested...even I who live in Western Australia know that this is not "Rocket Science"....Cummon America...PONY UP, tell the world the truth about who should be prosecuted. {by the way test HK$ as well!}.