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Aubrey O'day Makes Playboy Look Cheap And Tawdry. Isn't Her 15 Minutes Up Yet? 16.Feb.2009

Skank: minus airbrushSuch a trashy little broad. Such a tawdry lifestyle. Such limited talents - they're surgically attached to her torso. I don't know if she can actually sing, and could really care less. But her alleged assholery got her booted from Diddy's Danity Kane - she actually killed the band, not that anyone misses it much. Nor will anyone miss her much when she finally goes away. But why is it taking so long? !?

I guess Aubrey finally ... serviced ... the right party/parties because she landed a spread (now there's something she knows how to do!) in Playboy. She's a pretty girl and all, but she's so cheap and tacky she makes the bunny look bad. Somebody better wake Hef up from his afternoon nap - first it was the creepy twins, and now this. I thought they had standards.

Whether Hef does or not, rest assured that Aubrey most definitely doesn't, at least not like normal people. What does she aspire to? "I want to be that girl who gives a guy the best sex he has ever had, the sex he? ll never be able to get out of his head. I? m more of a catch than anybody realizes." Um, yeah. You never know what you'll catch if you have sex with this skank.